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Things You Should Never Do When Going To A Shooting Range

Best Shooting Range In Delhi - KVSS Shooting academy

So you want to get started with shooting and cannot wait to get some rounds down range? Great, and congratulations! But you’re probably like most of us, so you don’t own private space for rifle shooting and other firearms, therefore you’ll probably be hitting a Best Shooting Range In Delhi.

When going to a range there’ll be some basic rules and gun safety guidelines you’ll need to understand and follow. You’ll also probably have to sign a waiver stating that you understand, and will abide by, all range safety policies. It’ll also waive the range’s liability should you hurt yourself or someone else. That’s all normal and expected. Also, the range will have its own rules and procedures that you must not break or risk getting banned. You may have heard of unfortunate shooting-range stories and poor conduct regarding firearm safety. Range rules are broken because of a lack of education and practicing proper techniques.

We want to help you avoid being an unsafe and off-center individual at the shooting range and lay down the basics of firearm safety and shooting range etiquette. Being a responsible firearm owner comes with many responsibilities, safety being the most important, of course. And understanding range etiquette is an integral part of firearm safety.

Following and practicing good range etiquette, whether indoor or outdoor range, is always the way to go. It only takes one bad apple to reflect poorly on all responsible firearm owners.

Pay attention to these lists of rules, as many ranges will have some specific things they may or may not allow. Always double-check the rules, which are usually posted somewhere prominent, You can even ask the range officer before trying something new or something you haven’t done at that range before. For example, some pistol ranges only allow the use of factory ammunition, and some prohibit any drills that include drawing from a holster.

The Basic Rules

As far as gun handling and shooting procedures, details vary, but you can expect some following rules to be on the list. These exist for your safety and that of your range neighbors, so make sure you understand and follow them carefully.

Guns shouldn’t be loaded until on the firing line and ready to shoot. Make sure that the muzzle of your gun is pointed down range at all times. Keep your gun in a case until you’re in position on the shooting line. Don’t carry your gun inside the facility outside a case. Do not point abandon a loaded gun and always remember to put the safety on, or point your gun around the place, loaded or unloaded. Shoot at your target only and never across lanes. Be careful not to shoot towards the floor, ceiling, or side walls. Ricocheting bullets can damage the facility, and they can also end up coming back toward the line. Targets are hung at a certain height for a reason. Don’t hang a smaller target on the bottom of a large one. That might cause you to inadvertently aim at the floor, especially when the target is farther down range. Unless the range staff tells you otherwise, use paper targets only. Paper is safe to shoot since bullets pass straight through without deflecting in unpredictable directions. It also leaves very little range trash behind and, of course, doesn’t create any fragments. Be sure to stay close to the firing line. Don’t shoot from behind the line – no one should ever be even partially in front of your gun or anyone else’s. Always have eye and ear protection on while at the range. Indoor ranges are loud, so it is necessary for shooters to use both in-ear and exterior ear muffs to reduce dangerous noise levels. Even a single gunshot without hearing protection will cause permanent hearing loss. If you’re a viewer, or you’re not shooting, and the range is hot try not to talk as it makes it hard for the shooters to concentrate. Also, remember not to step into their position when the range goes cold. DO NOT GOOF AROUND! If someone offers you to shoot, unless otherwise told, do not mag dump it. Shoot a few rounds and a maximum of three as a general rule of thumb. Do not bring kids with you to the shooting range, or anyone who has a short attention span, lacks impulse control, or is generally unable to understand instructions and potential risks.

Best Shooting Range In Delhi

KVSS Shooting Academy in Delhi is the best shooting range in Delhi that provides state-of-the-art facilities and the to budding shooters and professionals, and a platform for national players to excel. It has a cutting edge shooting range with the highest safety and security standards and latest International Standard equipment, ammunition and weapons. It also provides pellets, target sheets, and training equipment. We have various memberships and packages and professional trainers who will give valuable feedback and training that will have you covered.

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