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The Most Famous Guns In History


In spite of the ever-increasing might of the tanks, planes, battleships etc., the guns have always played avery vital role in determining the outcome of any war. The army with the most effective firepower in theform of guns have always won the war. So, here’s a list of some of the most famous guns in the historyof our world.

Gatling GunIt is considered as the first successful machine gun which was invented by the American inventorRichard Gatling in 1861. Though it had a crank mechanism because of which it is not considered as afully automatic weapon. It has a rate of fire of 200 rounds per minute of .58 caliber and 400-900 roundsper minute of .30 caliber.

Glock HandgunThese Austrian make plastic handguns are among the most widely used and recognizable sidearm. It isused widely by law enforcement agencies, military organizations and a lot of civilians as well owing to itshigh reliability (it never jams) and wide range of ammunition types. Also, most of its steel componentsare treated with a nitriding process which increases its surface hardness and increases the corrosionresistance of the pistol.

Smith and Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum RevolverWhen it was introduced in 1955 it was the most powerful production handgun in the USA. It was madefamous by Clint Eastwood in “Dirty Harry”. Being a six-shot double-action revolver it used the .44Magnum cartridge and included a highly polished or nickel-plated surface. It was discontinued in 1990after a barnstorming run in the market where the stores were unable to keep the guns in stock owing toits popularity.

Mauser Model 1893 Bolt Action RifleEver since it was patented in 1893 it has served as the benchmark for all bolt-action rifles. It is amongthe most widely trusted and battle-proven rifle of the Mauser Co. and a few of its models still operateperfectly. It remains popular with the hunters and a curious bunch of custom gun builders from acrossthe globe.

AK-47The Avtomat Kalashnikov which was built in line with strict Soviet military doctrine is probably the mostfamous gun in the world. Even after almost seven decades it remains wildly popular and around 75million AK-47s are rumored to be in service around the globe in 2004. It’s indestructible build, lowproduction cost and its ease of use have been its chief features.

Colt 1911 .45ACPM1911 or the Colt Pistol is a single-action, semi-automatic pistol which served as the sidearm forAmerican soldiers in World Wars 1&2. It is considered as the AK-47 of the pistols owing to its ruggedfeatures and its accuracy. The Colt Pistols were later phased out with the introduction of the 9mmBerettas. It Colts are now popular with civilian shooters for competitive events.

M1 RifleThe M1 Garand rifle was a standard issue Service Rifle during the World Wars and it ultimately made itto the hands of hundreds of thousands of European Allies. It was then dubbed as “the greatest battleimplement ever devised” owing to its self-ejecting mechanism which was made possible using the high-pressure gas developed within the barrel to eject the spent cartridge. It is still used by drill teams andhonour guards.

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LugerIt was developed by an Austrian gun maker who wanted to streamline the Hugo-Borchardt pistol. Itscomplete redesign led to the creation of the Luger, a semi-automatic pistol developed and pioneered bythe Germans from 1904. It is synonymous with the Nazis owing to its widespread usage by the Nazigenerals. It was robust, reliable and its shape meant it acted as an extension of the firer’s arm.

Uzi 9mmThis Israeli Sub-Machine Gun was pressed into service in 1954 and it has ever since been exported toover 90 countries. It is the highest selling SMG on the planet owing to its short, light and multi-purposefunctionality that it offers. It is used to put a lot of lead by the front-line forces and act as self-defenceweapon for rear-line soldiers and police officers.

Remington 700This mass-produced bolt-action sniper rifle is one of the most common weapons currently. It isparticularly renowned for being accurate straight out of the box which is a rare feature. Hence, itspopularity with civilians as well as military and police shooters. The famed M24 rifle is based on thedesign philosophy of the 700.

Thompson Sub-Machine GunThe most infamous Sub-machine gun on the list, the “Tommy Gun” as it is known was the weapon ofchoice for various crime syndicates in the USA. It was in common usage throughout the Americanprohibition era which was around 1920. It was popular for its accuracy and high volume of fullyautomatic fire. It remains a fixture in po culture even today owing to its nefarious usage.

Among the hundreds of guns that have made their mark in the battlefields across the world, these werejust a handful that I picked and chose so as to have a variety of gun types across different eras ofcivilization. Gun control might be an issue we all have to deal with because as we can see, there aremillions of them out there and not enough regulations!

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