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Is Professional Shooting A Good Career Choice?


Watching professional shooting on TV can be an exciting and playful pastime for many;however, pursuing shooting as a career is an altogether different game. At the same time, if youpursue your passion for shooting, then it can be equally satisfying and rewarding.When one thinks of pursuing a career, then it means a good income, challenges, opportunities, awell-balanced life and most importantly recognition and success. So, if you are planning to takeprofessional shooting as a career choice, then look at the examples of Abhinav Bindra,Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, and Gagan Narang, and follow your instincts. You will surely besatisfied with your career choice.Choosing shooting as a career helps in increasing your stamina, hand-eye coordination and alsoenhances your arm strength. And, as one different kind of guns, so the upper body strengthincreases extensively.Every shooter has their own choice when it comes to shooting ranges; some people prefer anoutdoor shooting range because of its open-air feel and whereas they can shoot targets at 500yards while some people prefer the indoor shooting range because of air-conditioned comfortof and where target distance can be controlled with the push of a button.Firstly, Shooting requires a lot amount of time, hard work, funds, and amenities to take it up as aprofessional career. Success comes later, and it purely depends on how much hard work andeffort you are ready to put in. The scenario of Shooting Sports is not that good in India. There area lot of examples of shooters who wanted to make a career in the shooting sports but later joinedthe army or Navy. However, that does not mean they are not happy or satisfied, they regularlypractice shooting, have a modest career and an assured income. Also, now they do not have topay to practice shooting anymore, which is sadly the biggest drawback for talented Indianstudents, they have the talent, but not the required funds and amenities. Also, there are several shooters who represent India internationally and are a part of IndianRailways, Indian Airlines, CRPF and many more. Nation-wide a lot of quality shooters are beingsupported by such organizations.Secondly, if you are based in Delhi, then it can be an added advantage, as for example, SouthernRailways do not have a separate quota for shooting, whereas North-Eastern and Westernrailways do have a quota for the same and same is the case with Indian Airlines, so being in thenorth India has its own advantage. So, if you are based in Delhi-NCR, then start with joining a shooting academy in Noida to helpyou improve your observation and fine-tuning skills. You should always pay attention to the

various shooting range design specifications while joining the academy, like if it offers PistolCoaching and/or Rifle Shooting.While many people see guns and rifles as dangerous, however, shooting sports are indeed a lotsafer than the other sports. And one must keep in mind that if he handles the weapons in the rightthen they will not be subjected to any harm.So if you are a professional shooter or you are interested in shooting sport then you mustencourage your kids to learn shooting at the academy from an early age, so that they can develophigh-level skills that will help them later in their lives. They will also learn to be focused, hard-working, and learn to be in a team, as well as how to set their future goals and the work hardtopachieve it. The word “Quit” should never be a part of their dictionary.

ConclusionShooting sport has a great lifespan in the world of competitive sports. There are manyprofessional shooters who in their 40s have participated in the World Championships as well asthe Olympics.The rewards and awards that may come to you from beginner level to the expert level can bestated as below: First Level (Family, Friends, and School): Recognition  State level – Recognition and an opportunity to get a job.  National Level – A Modest job, financial funds for your shooting practice, a good coachand may include monetary benefits as well.  International Level – Prize money, Awards and Cash prize from your state as well as theorganization and most importantly the World Class Recognition along with an OlympicMedal can make you an overnight National Hero.

Now, first of all, get a gun and ask yourself that if you have it in you… and GET SET GO!

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